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Coming soon: Non-admin users to see release information and history

A user’s security level controls what they can see and do while signed in to iCarol. There are five basic security settings you can assign to any user, ranking from least capabilities to most they are: Trainee, Standard, Enhanced, Supervisor, and Admin. In addition to this overall security setting, there are many different Advanced Security Settings that you can enable for an individual user that allow for more customization for that particular user’s capabilities.

When Admin users first sign in to iCarol, they see a unique dashboard. This dashboard shows information that is mainly useful just to those who have this highest security permission, such as access to the iCarol User Community for networking and communication with other Admins worldwide, and invoicing and subscription information, for example.

One feature of that unique dashboard is the ability to see details on the current version of iCarol being used, and information about past and future releases and what functions those releases include. This is information that is helpful to all users, both non-Admin and Admin alike, so starting with our next release, tentatively scheduled to occur on April 4th, non-Admin users will see information about release history and future release plans on their own dashboard when they sign in.

release history volunteer dashboard

This will help educate and inform users about the release process and will prepare users for visible changes they may notice in their systems. By providing this information directly we hope it will reduce the number of inquiries Admin users will receive from their staff and volunteers who are assigned lower security levels. In fact, in many centers there are very few people with an Admin setting, and in some instances of large networks, there may be no Admin users on site at a particular organization location.

We hope that by having access to this information, all of your users will be better informed about the iCarol system they are using and what changes they might expect to see, simultaneously reducing the need for Admin users to field questions about these changes. If you have any questions about this change, please contact our Support Team by opening a case.

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Dana (She/Her/Hers) joined the iCarol team in 2013 after 12 years of direct service and administrative duties at a blended 2-1-1/crisis intervention/suicide prevention center. As the Communications and Social Media Manager at iCarol, you'll find her presenting Webinars, Tweeting, Blogging, Facebooking, and producing other materials that aid helplines in their work.

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