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Report on non-profit IT staffing and spending

A report on the state of nonprofit staffing provides organizations with information to help evaluate the state of their IT spending. It’s hard not to be curious about what other folks working in similar positions earn, on average. But the 2009 IT Staffing and Spending Report</span></a> covers so much more than that: Are nonprofits paying to train their IT staffs? Is anyone out there actually planning? What are the decisions and practices that define a technology “leader”? Is there any correlation between budget, IT spending, staff size, or organizational size and tech leadership? NTEN (Nonprofit Technology Network) shares this interesting article on the 4th annual IT Staffing and Spending Report: “The nonprofit sector works hard to maximize the effective use of technology. Organizations face difficult challenges — from insufficient data and lean budgets to overworked staffs — just trying to keep up with changing technologies and trends, and with the rest of the sector. A full quarter of small nonprofits reported having no budget for IT salaries. To help them cast an analytical eye on technology decisions, NTEN and The NonProfit Times came together to create the Nonprofit IT Staffing and Spending Survey. It gives us a good look at the state of nonprofit staffing, and helps us provide organizations with information to help evaluate the state of their IT spending. We began this effort with the 2006 survey, the first of its kind. We have repeated the survey every year since, and plan to continue doing so annually to provide a long-term view of nonprofit IT staffing. Our hope is that this survey will help nonprofits answer the challenging questions by providing greater context of what similar– and possibly more successful– organizations are doing”. Get the Report. It’s Free! Thank you for your support, Holly   Holly Ross Executive Director, NTEN Nonprofit Technology Network <br /> www.nten.org holly@nten.org


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