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view from backseat of car looking at person driving with hands on the steering wheel view from backseat of car looking at person driving with hands on the steering wheel

Epilepsy Foundation Uses iCarol ReferralQ to

Distribute Uber Vouchers

view from backseat of car looking at person driving with hands on the steering wheel view from backseat of car looking at person driving with hands on the steering wheel

Epilepsy Foundation Uses iCarol ReferralQ to Distribute Uber Vouchers


With a network of partners throughout the United States, the Epilepsy Foundation is leading the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy. The Foundation connects people to treatment, support, and resources; leads advocacy efforts; funds innovative research and the training of specialists; and educates the public about epilepsy and seizure first aid.

The Epilepsy Foundation’s 24/7 Helpline has Inform USA (formerly known as AIRS) Certified Resource Specialists available to answer questions about epilepsy and seizures, and provide people with help, hope, support, guidance, and access to national and local resources.

The Challenge

Access to safe and reliable transportation is one of the biggest challenges faced by people living with the epilepsies. Due to the safety concerns associated with operating a motor vehicle when someone is at risk of a seizure, many states have placed restrictions on people living with seizures, and many people are not able to obtain or maintain a driver’s license for long periods of time. This adds to the barriers and difficulties in obtaining employment, attending medical appointments, conducting daily living tasks such as shopping for food, and inhibits a person’s sense of independence. Public transportation, accessed with the help of disability waivers, is an option in areas that provide it, but for people living in suburban or rural communities, this is often not an option. Instead, people must rely on taxis, car services, or rideshare apps.

The Epilepsy Foundation had several needs to fulfill when considering a solution to implement this program. It needed a way to collect necessary data and information about the requests for the Uber vouchers for the purposes of tracking and reporting on the number of vouchers being provided, and other data requested by their partners. In order to ensure all needs were assessed and met by any other appropriate referrals, the Foundation wished to have a way to link the Uber voucher referral as a resource in their database and attach any other appropriate referrals from their resource directory as well. Further, it wished to improve on the manual process of providing the uber voucher codes over the phone, eliminating room for human error. The Epilepsy Foundation desired a way to provide these codes by email or SMS/Text message so the client would have record of the code, and could easily copy and paste the code when applying it to their Uber account. Finally, the Foundation needed an easy way to isolate and view all the Uber voucher recipients and contact record data so that it could be sorted, filtered, searched, and reported on separate from their other programs and initiatives.

The Solution: iCarol ReferralQ

People living with epilepsy and seizures, and their caregivers, are directed to call the Epilepsy Foundation’s 24/7 Helpline to request the vouchers. The staff use iCarol to document these interactions, search for referrals in their iCarol resource database, and assign a specific resource record to these calls. Staff provide the Uber voucher code to their caller verbally over the phone, or they send it by Email or SMS/Text using the built-in functionality of the iCarol Contact Form. Staff then assign these records to an iCarol ReferralQ created specifically for the Uber voucher program, and use that ReferralQ dashboard to easily view, sort and filter all the Contact Forms that received a voucher.


The Epilepsy Foundation was pleased that a solution to distributing this voucher was available within a software platform already being used. This saved time exploring, researching, and purchasing something else for a project within its Helpline. Both the Foundation and especially their partners at SK Life Sciences, liked that iCarol had the flexibility to send voucher codes by SMS/Text or email. The Helpline was able to build voucher distribution into its existing workflows easily using the ReferralQ, rather than having to learn and train staff on a separate tool used for this one function. Now that they have the ReferralQ, the Helpline is actively pursuing other potential partnerships and building proposals for those partners using a ReferralQ workflow. The team likes that they can approach these partnerships with a solution in hand already.

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