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Samaritans switch to a paperless Rota with iCarol saving time, money and people in distress

“Now that we have iCarol, volunteers can put themselves down for duties from any place where they can get on line. Deputies can monitor commitment easily… From about 110 volunteers we are now all using it and everyone is pleased with the ease of use. Sandra H., Program Director, York Samaritans, United Kingdom Samaritans is a national charity providing confidential emotional support 24 hours a day for people in the UK and Ireland. The York location in the UK was running their branch on a completely paper-based Rota or volunteer shift scheduling system. The supervisors and deputies spent unnecessary amounts of money trying several helpline paper based and software solutions before happily adopting iCarol’s online Rota system. No more paper, no more tippex (correction fluid)! Switching to a paperless Rota was the most cost-effective and time-saving action the leaders at Samaritans undertook to better serve the people in distress from York. Using a paper-based Rota required volunteers physically coming into the branch or calling in to sign themselves up for duties or make any changes. Volunteers on duty not only had to help people calling in for support, but they had to also help volunteers add or update their duties on the Rota. Plenty of paper and tippex was going to waste! “When we used the paper Rota it was hard to even read who was coming on shift because of all the crossing out and tippex!” Leaders and deputies spent ample amounts of time on everyday tasks to maintain the branch and its activities. To communicate with volunteers, they had to call each and every one of them from a paper phone list that had to be constantly updated. Moreover, due to the messy paper Rota, they could not monitor the commitment of their volunteers in an efficient manner. Here’s how iCarol saves Samaritans time and money:
  • Easy-to-use – The iCarol online Rota system is quick and easy to learn and adopt. Leaders, deputies and volunteers all happily use the web-based system with ease. No technology skills, learning curve or extensive training required!
  • Online Rota – Volunteers can easily add themselves to the Samaritans Rota 24/7 from any place where they can connect online. The volunteers on duty can focus their full attention on helping people in distress and those off duty spend less time organizing their duties on the Rota. No paper or tippex required!
  • Fast and efficient communication – Leaders, deputies and volunteers communicate with each other fast and efficiently by email. No telephone required!
  • Effective management – Mass email notifications sent easily and quickly to all members of the branch save time for more important leadership tasks — reports, statistics and monitoring of volunteers. Email reminders automatically sent by iCarol to notify volunteers of their duties, are a key component that keeps the branch running smoothly. No low level tasks required!
  • Community building – The iCarol notice boards make it simple to arrange social events and build a community within the branch and its volunteers.
The Samaritans UK branch in York is now a well-managed charity with happy leaders, deputies and volunteers. They are helping people in distress more effectively and are continuing to work efficiently as a team thanks to iCarol’s online Rota. Learn more about the Samaritans and how they help people across the UK and Ireland. Find out how iCarol can help you manage your non-profit help line more effectively and save you time and money all at once!  


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