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Searching for Resources in a Call Report

In the past, when you were creating or editing a call report and clicked on the Search Resources button, in the background iCarol would automatically save the call report as a draft. (It did this because certain aspects of the resource searching might have needed to lookup information from the call report.)

We’ve now changed this feature so that the call report is not saved as a draft automatically, when you click on the Search Resources button. We have found another way to get any information needed in the resource searching from the call report form.

Not only will this reduce the time it takes for the “resource searching” window to appear, but it will also eliminate the possibility that the call report gets saved as a draft when you did not intend it to be. For example, you might start a new call report, search for a resource, and then decide not to continue with the call report. Previously this call report would still be in your Drafts folder, but now it will not.

Please note that the Save As Draft button is of course still available and works just as it always has.


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