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Send referrals by Email or Text/SMS directly to callers

When you give a referral to a caller, it sure would be nice to send them the information electronically (email or Text/SMS message) so they don’t have to write it all down, or forget and have to call you back. So we’re very excited to announce: sending referrals from your resource database by email and by text message / SMS. Email Starting today, you have the option of asking iCarol to email your clients the information about referrals you made to them on a call, as nicely formatted PDF attachments, similar to the PDF of resources that you can create inside iCarol. This is a free upgrade to any client who requests it, and it is quite easy to do from your customized call forms in iCarol. We have options that keep private fields and records hidden, as well as controlling the “from” email address and name, so that if someone replies to the emails, the replies will come to your agency. (We recommend these email addresses be a general mailbox for your agency rather than a specific person’s email address.) Text/SMS Similarly, you now can send referrals to a person’s mobile phone. Since these are limited to just 160 characters, it will contain just the essentials: Resource name, primary phone number, and street address (so long as it is not marked as private). We also have the ability to include different fields instead, per your preferences. The “from” phone number will be a standard iCarol-owned number that does not accept replies. In the near future though, we will have exciting news about enabling 2-way Texting/SMS as part of iCarol Messaging. Stay tuned for that. When you make referrals by either method, iCarol will remember, so that later when anyone views or edits the call report, they’ll see an indication that it was emailed and/or sent by text message / SMS, and when.


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