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Serve live chat visitors only from certain geographic areas

Many of our help line clients using iCarol Messaging to conduct live chat sessions with the general public want to limit the geographic area they serve. Their reasons for doing so range from limitations placed by their funders, to starting small as they initiate service so they can gradually learn and evolve before expanding beyond their own community. So iCarol Messaging lets you define coverage areas ranging from entire countries, all the way down to a zip or postal codes (and anything in between). When an inquirer reaches your registration page they are either permitted to proceed, or are politely informed they are not in your coverage area and provided links to other resources that might serve them. We use a combination of the inquirer’s IP address and required fields to make the determination. In this way our clients can feel comfortable that they are fulfilling the mandate of their center to focus on certain geographic areas and not feel like they are exposing their service to anyone on the planet (unless of course they want to).


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RT @NSVRC: These reasons include: → Concern they won't be believed → Fear of retaliation → Distrust of law enforcement → Pressure from oth…

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