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Short Code Application Form


Instructions on how to acquire a short code to go along with your iCarol texting service.

Please fill out the attached form and return to your iCarol sales representative. There’s a few items of information on there we’ll need for the short code application, as well as some information about required items for you to have on your website and printed materials.

Once we have your filled-out form, We’ll submit your application for the first of two rounds of approvals. That first part takes about a week. At the end of it you’ll know what your random short code will be.

In the meantime, I’ll have our finance team prepare an invoice for your first quarter of your random short code. When your invoice is prepared, we will not know the exact start date — it will be the date when the second round of approvals begins, which will be the date we receive your check and start the second round of short code approvals.

That second round of approvals is when the carriers themselves review your application and make the short code live on their networks. Because that process typically takes 12 to 16 weeks (can vary; time is out of our control), you will likely be invoiced again before you’re able to use your short code. We’ve worked hard to try and find a way to not be billed before the short code is available for use, but the short code folks are adamant that payment must be made for the review process to begin. During that approval process, We’ll keep close tabs on which carriers have approved and can give you periodic updates at your request.

Click here to open the short code application form
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