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Social Media works for I&R

AIRS is sharing their Training video on I&R and Social Media to demonstrate how and why some social media is being used. In the first 50 minutes of the video you learn about Twitter, Facebook, Co-Tweet, Tweetdeck, and how to get you started. 

To show examples of the training content, here are some presented higlights on Twitter:

What is it?
Twitter is a free short-form messaging tool used to post updates, follow and view updates from other users and send public or private messages to connect with other Twitter users. In your Twitter profile you can share agency description, contact details and share who you follow and who follows you, how many messages you send out and the list of activities. 

Why use Twitter? 
A few bullets on the reasons shared by Infoline (www.twitter.com/infolineinc) in this webinar:

  • Discover programs and services to include in the resource database
  • Build visibility and credibility in the community
  • Pass along high quality news and relevant links
  • Identify trends and hot topics
  • Expand online networks and promote programs, events, needs etc
  • Answer common questions, share opinions and insights publicly


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