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Call Logging


iCarol’s call report forms help you keep track of the exact information you need to run your nonprofit more smoothly and effectively. We can help you customize your version of our software so it works seamlessly with your existing call log, call sheet or call report template. You can track and report all sorts of data, including referrals made, needs unmet and third party calls. You can also create many different types of call reports forms, for instance, forms for incoming calls, suicide assessment calls, calls from another agency, crisis calls, etc.

iCarol makes it easy for your phone staff to fill out forms by assigning conditional questions that only display when they apply. Any data that already exists in that caller’s profile will automatically prepopulate in the form, making your staff’s job even easier so that they can focus on offering compassionate and intelligent verbal phone support.

Fields can be marked as “required” indicating an answer must be provided before the call report can be completed.

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