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At most helplines, it’s quite common to have repeat callers who use the service for ongoing support. Likewise, non-profit organizations of all scopes and sizes often have clients enrolled in ongoing programs that will have them making repeated contacts with the organization. With iCarol, you can store demographic, biographical, historical, and other statistical information about these clients, as well as alerts, guidance, and instructions for volunteers and staff who interact with them. Workers with an Admin status in iCarol, or others with the proper security permissions, create and maintain these profiles, and you have the option of making these profiles even more secure by preventing volunteers and staff from viewing them unless they are on a certified computer.

When a volunteer or staff member creates a new contact record, they have the option of searching for past contacts or selecting a profile from a drop down field. Once chosen, iCarol will pull up the profile and automatically apply any saved demographic information to the current contact form as they document the new interaction.

This feature also alerts your workers of any ongoing urgent issues for a client, including current concerns regarding suicidal ideation or plans, recent abusive behavior, or restrictions on making contacts with your agency. This helps to ensure your staff are following protocols and consistent treatment plans for clients, and providing them with the best service possible.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness, Orange County
Santa Ana, California, USA
"iCarol is easy to use, comprehensive and extremely secure. Everyone involved loves it" - Nancee, Executive Director

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