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Whether to ensure safety, for quality assurance, or to collect outcome information, an initial contact with a client will often result in the need to schedule a follow-up. Keeping track of follow-up calls can be tricky, but iCarol makes it easier. iCarol allows you to schedule optional follow-ups after each contact, and those follow-ups can be assigned to the original volunteer or staff member, or a different one. Follow-ups can be conducted by phone or SMS/text message.*

Follow-up appointments contain relevent detailed information about the task, contact information, the subject and any important notes. You can also ensure privacy and confidentiality by noting whether the client has granted permission for the volunteer or staff to speak to a third party, or leave a voicemail. There is no limit to the number of follow-up activities that can be attached to a contact record. In fact, you can schedule a whole series of follow-ups stemming from that one initial contact, useful for clients who may need ongoing support and check-ins from your organization.

As follow-up activities are due, they will be highlighted on the main Calls page on the Follow-up Menu until they are closed out manually. Many of our clients log the details of these follow-up contacts in a new contact form, where more statistical and other information might be collected. Some simply use the follow-up activity itself to take notes about the follow-up contact. You have the flexibility to decide how to document these follow-ups in a way that best follows the policies and procedures of your organization.

In addition to basic follow-up activities, which are a part of your iCarol base system*, we also offer an add-on feature for Random Sampling Surveys.

Want to know more about this or any other iCarol feature? Please contact us!

*Follow-ups by SMS/Text message may be subject to additional nominal fees. Please contact us for details.


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