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Flexible Public Web Forms

With iCarol’s Flexible Public Web Forms, also referred to as Online forms, you can have stylized, fillable forms available to the public on your website. These are essentially a public-facing version of the same Contact Forms your users use internally to log customer interactions. Once submitted by your website visitor, the form becomes a completed Contact Record in your iCarol system.

With Public Web Forms you can…

  • Customize the look and feel to fit with your website and branding, using Cascading Style Sheets to give your form a highly stylized look. You may include your logo, choose your fonts, colors, and more.
  • Edit the fillable fields and text on the form with our Contact Form Editing tools.
  • Pre-screen clients with questions before the user can proceed to the rest of the form.
  • Ensure data integrity with an integrated Captcha, protecting you from false or spam/bot submissions.
  • Enforce form timeouts and warn users of an impending timeout to make sure a form isn’t kept open for too long before submission, protecting the integrity of the data as well as your user’s privacy.
  • Restrict the times when the form is open on your website, ensuring that clients are directed to the right service at the right time.
  • Notify key staff members by email when a form is submitted.
  • Analyze, track, export, and report on the information collected in the forms. Once the Public Web Form is submitted by the user, it becomes the equivalent to a finished Contact Record in your iCarol system.

You can use these forms in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Intake
  • Volunteer applications
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Self-assessments or screenings
  • Contact requests

Help-seekers in your community will appreciate the ease of accessing your services, and having intakes or screenings available online will certainly reduce barriers to services, and reduce the amount of stress they’re experiencing. You’ll be able to increase productivity since these forms can now be filled out directly by the user online, whereas they may previously have required manual staff time and assistance. You’ll also be able to capitalize on potential volunteer interest – convert volunteer prospects into applicants easily, no more waiting to receive their application via email. You’ll also shorten the recruitment and training life cycle, getting volunteers online faster. And because you can now direct so many clients to fill out their satisfaction surveys online, you can increase your outcome data, meet your goals, and get the funding you need.

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