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Telephony Integration

telephony integration with iCarol

While iCarol is not a phone system, it can work with your phone system. iCarol’s Telephony Integration solution works to intelligently route your incoming calls from your phone system to your available phone workers at their work stations, where a pre-populated iCarol Contact Form can “pop” on their screen. This Contact Form can show pivotal caller information as soon as the call is connected. This powerful call-handling feature syncs up recognized phone numbers with existing caller data and alerts the phone worker if there are any crucial instructions that pertain to that caller.

Call features that can automatically appear with a call include the caller’s profile, past calls and any resource referrals previously given, along with prior notes on the caller. You can choose to hide sensitive information—such as the caller phone number—from staff. Data entered by your caller during their time in the phone tree/IVR can also be passed through and pre-populate your forms as well. This time-saving feature enables your phone workers to more quickly document and collect necessary data using iCarol during their calls. This will help disposition and document calls with greater efficiency so they can be ready to take the next call sooner, which will help reduce abandoned calls or long wait times.

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