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Client Management

Client Management

When working with a person who uses your service on a regular basis, or may be a client of a program, you’ll want to store consistent information and keep an ongoing record of their needs, progress, referrals received, and more.

iCarol Profiles are the key to good record keeping of client information so that no matter who your client may speak to, your volunteers and staff are informed and able to serve them.

What We Offer

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Create Profiles

Profiles store key information about a client including their background, history, and contact information. You can create a Profile at any time, by a variety of methods.
  • Create from scratch
  • Import using iCarol’s free template
  • Create from a past Contact Record

Manage Profiles

  • Edit within the Profile
  • Edit/Update from a Contact Form
  • Use our Profile Management Tool

Merge or Remove Duplicates

Finding and managing any duplicate Profiles is easy using the Profile Management Tool in iCarol. This tool helps you:
  • Filter and Sort Profiles
  • Search for Profiles
  • Identify which Profile data to keep
  • Merge Profiles
  • Delete Duplicate Profiles

Track Activity

Contact Records associated with a Profile are accessible from the Profile once submitted, along with other information tracked with each interaction over time such as:
  • Referrals History
  • Follow-up History
  • Previous Documented Interactions
  • History of Changes to the Profile