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    Collaborating With Partners

    Even more than just a great system for a single agency, iCarol also enables collaboration amongst two, several or many dozens of agencies in partnership with each other to deliver service.

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Collaborating With Partners

iCarol Programs

Additional Programs Within Your iCarol System

Easily manage subsets of your agency’s services that have their own pool of staff, volunteers, shift calendars and even call reports—things like teen helplines, gambling addiction lines or drop-in counseling.

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Share Resources

Accessing Referral Resources from Partner iCarol Agencies

With their permission, you can access databases from other iCarol systems while still retaining your own resource database.

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Share Statistics

Call Report and Statistics Collaboration With Partner iCarol Agencies

Allow members of your network to access all the calls you’ve logged from a common repository, within their own iCarol accounts.

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shared calendar

Share your Chatboard, News, and Events Calendar with partners

Call Report and Resource sharing features are widely used.In an effort to enhance and build on these partnerships further, you can extended your sharing capabilities to three other areas of iCarol: News, Events, and the Chatboard..

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Share data

Non-iCarol Partners Accessing Information in Your System

Generate revenue or enhance your regional services by taking calls for other agencies, giving them limited access to your iCarol account so they can see exactly—and only—what they need.

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Humboldt County 2-1-1
California, USA
"Thanks a million for going the extra distance and helping us get this rolling." - Andy A., 211 Director

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