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Accessing Referral Resources from Partner iCarol Agencies


When your staff needs access to iCarol data from partner agencies, you can switch over to those databases to conduct research, make referrals, run statistics, etc. You can also include resources from your partner agency’s Resource Database in your own, and publish those resources on your own website. This makes collaboration between two or more community resources quite easy, and helps multiple agencies band together to deliver better service. It’s a great way to facilitate regional networks, business continuity and disaster recovery, and contracts from which you can generate revenue.

Once you authorize a helpline contact center, they can make referrals from your Resource Database from right within their own iCarol account. Whether you collaborate with two or two-hundred other agencies, you can use iCarol to easily assemble a regional, statewide or even a national database by aggregating a network together through iCarol.

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