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Contact Record API

iCarol integrationsAt iCarol, it’s one of our deeply held beliefs that your data belongs to you. We see it as part of our mission and stewardship of that data to help you harness it to do more good in your community, provide continuity of care to people in need, and enhance your relevance and marketability as a community partner and vital provider of services. Our Contact Record API gives you one more way to participate in collaborative partnerships, leverage your talents to help more people, and increase your funding.

API stands for Application Program Interface, and it allows electronic systems to interact with each other without the need for the direct human intervention. That is, with an API no person needs to direct data traffic between two systems — the systems just talk directly to each other behind the scenes. APIs are a leading way for our clients to harness their data and open up new avenues for partnerships and revenue streams.

The Contact Record API provides a way for you to take the data from a submitted Contact Record and push it to an awaiting “restful API web service” or “webhook.” Once a Contact Record is created in your system, your partners can also use the API to update those Contact Records with additional data they may have to contribute, such as outcomes, updates on client status, and more.

How could you use this data sharing capability at your organization? A few ideas:

  • Send all the Contact Record data you collect to a funder or partner’s system as part of your contracted service.
  • Send just the Contact Record data you collect in specific forms, such as intake forms, when contracted to provide a service for an entity such as a hospital, insurer, mobile crisis team, or other service provider.
  • Send Contact Record data to collaborative reporting systems or dashboards for trend analysis, and data-driven community planning to influence public policy.

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