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Contact Management

Contact Management

Documentation not only ensures good service and consistent care, but is necessary for required reports. Intuitive documentation tools help you focus on the person in need.

With iCarol you can collect exactly the data you need with form design editing access keeping you responsive to changing requirements and emerging needs.

With iCarol You Can:

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Document Contacts

Use iCarol to document your interactions with consumers so that you can keep records and run reports. iCarol Contact Forms are flexible and configurable to meet your specific contact documentation needs.

Edit Forms

Add new fields to your forms at any time with iCarol’s built-in Contact Form Editing tools. Be responsive to new data collection requests from your funders, or promptly collect data in an emerging situation like a disaster or community event, without needing to contact the iCarol Support Team for assistance.

Assess Risk

During the course of helping a consumer you may wish to perform assessments. iCarol offers interactive assessment tools that gauge risk or other factors based on criteria and measurements you control, and suggest courses of action to guide your volunteers or staff in alignment with your policies.

Offer Online Intake, Surveys, and More

Self-service options are in high demand among consumers, and can divert non-emergent requests to other channels. Use iCarol to create Public Web Forms to use for screening and eligibility, intake, enrollment, satisfaction surveys, and more.


Following up with consumers is the key to collecting outcome information, assuring safety, meeting quality assurance targets, and more.

With iCarol you can schedule one or more follow-up interactions to occur with a client, and even set these follow-ups to occur automatically by SMS/Text or email. Ensure quality care and help your service meet targets and requirements related to follow-up care.

File Storage

Along with documenting a contact, you may wish to attach files such as client ID, consent forms, or other records. iCarol provides 1 GB of storage space for files attached to Forms, Profiles, and Resource Records, included with your subscription.

Outbound Contacts

iCarol’s Outbound Contacts module helps you administer special programs that make outreach to clients enrolled in Telephone Reassurance and other programs. With this tool you can maintain profiles for enrolled clients, set their schedule for call times, assign to specific volunteers and staff, and more.

Telephony Integration

iCarol can integrate with telephony systems to pass phone system or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and phone tree data to iCarol Contact Forms by triggering a “screen pop” of the form when the call is answered at the agent’s workstation.