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Configuration and Special Projects


Sometimes, clients come up with great ideas for how iCarol can help them better run their helplines. We are happy to discuss unique projects that will benefit our clients and potentially improve our service. In the past, we’ve completed projects with clients to:

  • Set up one-click customer reports to bring together complex sets of data
  • Create special assessment features
  • Blend special statistics together from multiple iCarol systems
  • Print call records to PDF in a specialized format
  • Schedule automated, periodic exports from your system for use offline by your staff or your partners
  • Isolate certain workforce management records and reports

If what you need doesn’t yet exist among iCarol’s many features, ask us for help with configuration, or as our development schedule allows we invite you to engage our team in designing new tools. All such projects are thoroughly spec’d with clear expected pricing before we begin.

Want to know more about this or any other iCarol feature? Feel free to connect with us by emailing: info@iCarol.com


National Alliance on Mental Illness, Orange County
Santa Ana, California, USA
"iCarol is easy to use, comprehensive and extremely secure. Everyone involved loves it" - Nancee, Executive Director

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