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Managing Resources


iCarol lets you set up your own information and referral database so that you have access to relevant services in your community. Having a resource library set up makes it easy for your staff to make recommendations to a caller or a chat client about services that may serve their particular needs. iCarol’s Resource Directory feature offers a lot of tools and settings so that you can customize your resource library to your exact needs, whether you are a simple helpline with only a handful of resources to recommend or a complex call-based agency with tens of thousands of resource records.

Your Resource Directory can be searched and sorted so that phone and chat workers can easily find what they need while multitasking during a conversation. iCarol’s robust search engine finds all related items quickly, and you can also organize your resources into categories for easy sorting. Categories can be assigned to particular programs in order to help your staff further narrow down the options, and your Resource Database is fully synced with Google Maps as long as complete addresses are provided for each resource.

With iCarol, you have the option to publish your database of resources publicly on your website so the public has ongoing access. You can also export this database into a printable and browseable file.

iCarol’s Resource Directory fully supports the AIRS Taxonomy used by many helplines in the US and Canada.

Want to learn more about using iCarol to give resource and referral information to your help seekers? Join a webinar! Or to learn more about this or any other iCarol feature, feel free to connect with us by emailing: info@iCarol.com


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"We use iCarol for some of our contracts. It is the best piece of software that we use. Their support exceeds that given by the other vendors in the I and R world." - Bill P, Executive Director

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