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Printable and Offline Resources


Sometimes you need to provide part or all of your resource database to other people. iCarol offers an upgrade that lets you export your resources into standard file formats like Microsoft Word and Excel that you can download, search, filter and print. You can specifiy exactly which information you would like to export, for instance, a certain geographic area or category or resource.

While ongoing access to this feature is offered on a subscription basis, we also offer one-time pricing for as-needed exports.

Want to learn more about using iCarol to give resource and referral information to your help seekers? Join a webinar! Or to learn more about this or any other iCarol feature, feel free to connect with us by emailing: info@iCarol.com


Mental Health Association of New York City
New York, USA
"iCarol was one of the few systems we use that stood the test of hurricane Sandy and for that we are very grateful." -Gloria J., Senior Crisis Counselor

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