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Live Chat and Texting / SMS


With iCarol Messaging you can offer your clients the ability to interact with your counselors or volunteers via live chat from your website, or texting you from their mobile phone. Your clients can reach you through whatever channel they prefer and you continue to use all the tools you need in one system — iCarol!

iCarol uses live chat technology that integrates smoothly with the rest of our features, utilizing:

  • Volunteer and staff profiles that specify which staff members are approved for chat interaction with clients
  • Integration with the shift calendar so that staff can be specifically assigned to iCarol Messaging shifts
  • Shift calendar integration also allows you to have complete control over your availability for these channels
  • Easy chat access to your resources so that you can make referrals to clients easily within a chat conversation
  • Integration with call report forms so that you can just as easily log transcripts, demographics, issues and notes about a chat conversation as you would a phone call, and include that information in your normal call report form
  • Reporting and statistics, including charts and reports on your iCarol Messaging activity

Most importantly, iCarol Messaging takes security, privacy and anonymity very seriously. Our technology includes robust and audited technical safeguards that assure security. Like our phone services, iCarol Messaging is compliant with important helpline standards from groups such as the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) and the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS)

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Distress Centre of Peel
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
"Very professional. Brings us up to date." - Henry, Volunteer

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