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Flexible Scheduling


Flexible Shift Scheduling is one of iCarol’s optional features which you can chooce to turn on or off by simply contacting the iCarol Support Team. Flexible Shift Scheduling allows volunteers and staff to create ad hoc and one-time shifts outside of the standard schedule. For instance, a volunteer who is only available for half of an allotted shift time could assign themselves to that half-shift, or if your workers are permitted to set up their own shift times based on their own availability. iCarol will only allow these shifts to be created within the parameters you specify to ensure that you never have more people on shift than your Agency can handle.

When a user sets up a unique shift in this way, the shift is automatically called “self-created shift” on the calendar so that admins and other staff members can differentiate it from a standard shift. Note that iCarol will not allow a user to create a shift that would conflict with a shift they have already claimed or been assigned.

Flexible Shift Scheduling allows shifts to be assigned to particular programs, treats self-created shifts as normal shifts in regard to automated reminders and protocols, and allows admins to create, modify and delete self-created shifts. Self-created shifts will be included in all statistics and reporting.

Want to know more about this or any other iCarol feature? Feel free to connect with us by emailing: info@iCarol.com


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