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Shift Scheduling

helpline shift scheduling

With iCarol, you can manage every aspect of staff and volunteer shift scheduling from anywhere, at anytime.

Manage the Shift Calendar

It’s easy to create one-time or recurring daily or weekly shifts, and there’s no limit to how many shifts can be created. Because each volunteer or staff member accessing iCarol will have their own unique login, secure password, and security permissions, you’ll be able to assign those workers to shifts on the calendar you create. You can even set up repeating assignments that help you assign a worker to multiple shifts in a single workflow.

Customize Shift Types

Within your shift calendar, specify different types of shifts—for example “normal shifts” versus “on-call shifts.” You can create and name shifts differently based on the work being performed, the program the volunteer/staff is working on, or any other means by which you need to differentiate between shift types. And if your organization awards credits for shifts instead of counting hours worked, you can assign credit amounts based on a shift type instead.

Invite Online Sign-up

Take your shift scheduling to the next level—allow your volunteers and staff to view the schedule and sign up for shifts directly within iCarol. Imagine how fast open shifts will fill up when your volunteers and staff can see where there are scheduling holes and step up to help with the click of a button. You decide who can see the shift calendar, and who among your talent pool is allowed to sign up for open shifts.

Send Out Substitution Requests

Do you ask volunteers to find a replacement if they can’t make a shift? Do you find that your supervisors often have to step in and help find coverage? Instead of relying on management to scramble and cover open shifts, iCarol makes it easy for your staff and volunteers to find their own shift substitutes. With iCarol you can allow staff and volunteers to pick a shift they are signed up for, and declare with the click of a button that they’re looking for a substitute. This triggers an email to all qualified volunteers in your system, alerting them that a peer is in need of help. A willing substitute can claim the shift immediately online and iCarol automatically makes the necessary changes to the schedule.

Shift Reminders

Automated shift reminders are a great way to help volunteers keep up with their commitments. iCarol can send automated notifications to volunteers and staff reminding them of an upcoming shift. These reminders can be sent by email or SMS/Text message, and you can decide who gets these reminders, and how far in advance they are delivered.

Shift Coverage Reports and Analytics

The Admin Dashboard gives iCarol Admin users a high level look at shift coverage trends. In the Statistics area of the iCarol application, managers can run reports on shift coverage, shift attendance, worker hours, and much more. You can also export all shift data to a CSV file for offline storage and analysis in other programs like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

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