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Shift Scheduling


One of iCarol’s most robust features is the ability to manage every aspect of shift scheduling from anywhere. This makes it easy for supervisors to stay on top of scheduling and managing staff. From within iCarol, admins can:

Manage the shift calendar

It’s easy to create one-time or recurring daily or weekly shifts, and there’s no limit to how many shifts can be created. All users within your iCarol account have a user name, password and a certain level of administrative privileges, which you set up with their account. This enables you to offer shifts to only those who are qualified. You can even coordinate shifts between multiple locations.

Differentiate shifts

Within your shift calendar, specifiy different types of shifts—such as “normal shifts” versus “on-call shifts,” and assign varying credit hours for shifts served.

Email reminders about upcoming shifts

iCarol’s easy email reminders ensure that none of your staff of volunteers will forget that they are assigned to a shift, so your phone line coverage will be as solid as possible.

Allow staff to find their own shift substitutes

Instead of relying on management to scramble and cover open shifts, iCarol makes it easy for your staff and volunteers to find their own shift substitutes by issuing an electronic request which prompts iCarol to email all qualified subs in the system. A willing sub can claim the shift immediately online.

Get shift coverage statistics

As an administrator, you get emails, reports and charts from the iCarol helpline software that let you know how many individuals and groups of people are actually covering shifts. This helps you to improve shift coverage and, in turn, phone coverage.

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