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Warm Referral | Waitlists | Capacity Tracking

Warm Referral | Waitlists | Capacity Tracking

Human service organizations must often go beyond providing assistance during a single interaction. Collecting outcomes and determining whether the consumer successfully received assistance from referred organizations, if their needs were met, or they still need help, are becoming vital parts of social service organizations’ services.

iCarol’s ReferralQ feature enables you to document and track “warm referrals” made to your partner Community-Based Organization’s or programs within your own agency. Referrals are added to a dashboard, or “queue,” while they await services for easy progress tracking, triage, and more, to ensure consumers awaiting services don’t fall through the cracks.

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Learn Community Partnership Best Practices

Need help getting started? iCarol has 20 years of experience helping organizations like yours connect and build relationships with other community service providers through our software solutions and industry expertise. Download our free guide to learn more about how to start collaborating with partners to build a cohesive continuum of care and and address Social Determinants of Health.

With ReferralQ You Can:

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Complete Initial Intake and Documentation

Document your interactions or intake processes, while collecting necessary data for your reporting and funding purposes, as well as assessing and addressing Social Determinants of Health. Once your initial documentation and intake is complete, you will send it to your ReferralQ for further assignment and action.

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Invite Connections by Text, Chat, and Web Form

A rising number of people are rejecting voice calls as a preferred form of communication. When you use iCarol, you have access to a wide range of communication options with your community, meaning you can reach even more people.

Invite consumers to connect with you not just by phone, but by SMS/Text, Web Chat, or submit a Public Web Form. Consumers reaching you on these channels can be assigned to your ReferralQ in the same ways as those reaching you by phone call.

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Connect Clients with Services

Using your iCarol Resource Database, you’ll search and find the appropriate internal or community programs you work with, and assign your consumer to your ReferralQ dashboard as being referred to that organization.

Triage, Assign Priority, and Track Progress

Consumers in your ReferralQ can be assigned a priority and status. You can make changes to any of these details as you communicate with their service provider and receive updates on their status with the referred program. Your ReferralQ can also act as a waitlist for the referred services.

You can also allow providers of services to make direct updates to your client’s status and other information in the ReferralQ from a secure Provider Portal.

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Run Reports and Prove Your Value

Using a number of different reports available in iCarol, or by exporting your data, you have the power to show who was helped, how long it took them to receive services, outcome information, and much more. These key pieces of information will show the value your organization is providing to the community, and ensure your warm referral partnerships continue to grow and receive adequate funding.
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Follow-up, Outcomes, and Quality Assurance

As the organization who initially helped the consumer and coordinated their entry into other services, you retain access to their initial intake information and documentation. You can continue to follow-up with the client, and receive their feedback through surveys and other tools using iCarol.

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