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people at a support group people at a support group

Addiction and Recovery Services

people at a support group people at a support group

The right kind of support is crucial to those living with an addiction or working through their recovery. Organizations that provide peer support or guidance to additional resources play a crucial role on the path to recovery.

Helplines, peer support groups or warmlines, and other addiction and recovery services can benefit from the tools iCarol provides. Our solution enables you to manage volunteer and staff skills and achievements, offer feedback and support, reach people through Chat and SMS/Texting, and much more.

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How We Help

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Contact and Client Management

A key part of your service is offering support to people living with addiction or in recovery. Keeping records and documentation of your interactions with consumers is the key to good customer service as well as accurate data, reporting, and tracking progress.

With iCarol’s configurable Contact Forms, you can document each interaction and collect consumer data for your reports. For clients or repeat user of your services, iCarol Profiles keep demographic and other chosen data consistent with each interaction, and preserve an ongoing record of the client’s needs, referrals made, and more.

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Meet People Where They Are

Many people would prefer to remain anonymous or simply do their own research online as opposed to spending time speaking with your volunteers and staff. This is especially true if someone is experiencing the stigma related to addiction.

With iCarol, you can provide services through Live Chat, 2-way SMS/Texting, accept applications or intakes online, and enable consumers to browse your community resource database or service provider inventory on the web.

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Information and Referral

If part of your service involves connecting consumers with other supportive services, you will need to create and maintain a database of community resources. Assigning and tracking referrals is also often a part of that process.

iCarol’s resource database framework is highly flexible and configurable, designed to meet your unique needs.

Hear From Your Peers

“We have been so pleased to work with iCarol to implement text and chat access to our National Problem Gambling Helpline Network. We look forward to integrating additional features such as shift management and shared referral resource database technology into the Network, which is the world’s largest problem gambling information and referral resource with over 295,000 calls received last year alone. iCarol’s combination of technical expertise and commitment to customers in the helping profession has resulted in an ideal partnership.”

– Keith S. Whyte, Executive Director

“The transition from our old system to ICarol was seamless. They are very professional and cater to non-profits. We now have Live Chat, Text and Phone in one database. This really makes it easy on the clients as they can choose which way they want to contact us for assistance. It also makes it easy on the Specialists as there is only one platform that they need to use in order to help people.”

– Brian K., Director of HelpLine Operations

We look forward to learning how we can help your organization thrive and grow!