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Aging and
Older Adult

Organizations serving older adults and their caregivers must serve a rapidly growing population whose experiences and expectations vary wildly from the generation that came before. Agencies must adapt their services to meet the needs of an active generation that embraces technology, and is willing to go digital when exploring the resources and services available to them. Not only do such services need to meet these individuals where they are, but they must also engage digitally with their partner organizations and community based organizations so that they can coordinate care, provide wraparound services, ensure close-loop referral tracking, and practice No Wrong Door philosophies to accessing services.

How We Help

volunteer delivers a crate of produce and healthy food to a senior citizen

Information and Referral

Your organization is a trusted source of information and referral in your community, connecting seniors and their caregivers with the services they need.

iCarol’s resource database framework is highly flexible and configurable, designed to meet your unique needs.

older gentleman wearing a blue striped shirt and dark blue hat looks at the camera

Contact and Client Management

Keeping records and documentation of your interactions with consumers is the key to good customer service as well as accurate data and reporting.

With iCarol’s configurable Contact Forms, you can document each interaction and collect consumer data for your reports. For clients or repeat user of your services, iCarol Profiles keep demographic and other chosen data consistent with each interaction, and preserve an ongoing record of the client’s needs, referrals made, and more.

Enable Self-Service

Today’s older adults are more technically savvy than previous generations, and many of them and their caregivers prefer to do their own research or explore available services online rather than make a call. Meeting people where they are and on the channels they prefer ensures more people get the assistance they need.

With iCarol, you can provide services through Live Chat, 2-way SMS/Texting, accept applications or intakes online, and enable consumers to browse your community resource database or service provider inventory on the web.

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Collaborate with Community-Based Organizations

Older adults depend on your organization to connect them with services. But often making the referral isn’t where your organization’s participation ends. Closed-loop referral and actively partnering with community-based organizatons is becoming more common in an effort to better coordination, improve the continuums of care in your community, and address Social Determinants of Health.

With iCarol you can make direct referrals to your partner agencies and share data and outcomes in a closed-loop. Create waitlists and maintain service provider capacity information, with all involved parties updating progress and outcomes along the way.

Older woman wrapped in a shirt sits on a bed alone and looks out a nearby window

Address the Epidemic of Loneliness

Social isolation is a major public health issue for older adults. Research has linked social isolation and loneliness to higher risks for high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or cognitive decline, and even death.

iCarol helps your organization administer Telephone Reassurance Programs, easing social isolation and feelings of loneliness, and therefore reducing the associated health risks.

Hear From Your Peers

“I wanted to let you know that we have just completed our implementation of iCarol and had an excellent experience with Carmen. Carmen guided us through the process with care, clearly communicated at every step along the way, and shared best practices from other organizations. She assisted in troubleshooting when difficulties arose, and escalated to the right team to resolve those issues. I am confident that the few remaining questions will be resolved in a similar fashion. I have been through other database implementation processes in my career, and this was by far the best. Thank you for employing such competent staff!”

– Ben R., PhD Direct Programs Operations Manager

“iCarol’s Outbound Calls feature allows our staff and volunteers quick and easy access to our Telecare client list, homebound seniors whom we call daily for a check-in and medication reminders. We love it.”

– Kate R., Program Manager

We look forward to learning how we can help your organization thrive and grow!