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Victim Services Software

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Survivors of sexual, intimate partner, or domestic violence and other crimes experience all kinds of emotions — betrayal, fear, shame, self-blame, anger, shock and confusion. Thousands of organizations around the world are working to build safe places for them to be able to break through their walls of silence so they can share their stories, work through their experiences and start to heal.

Victims services must meet their obligation to protect privacy and honor confidentiality agreements using highly secure online systems, and meet survivors where they are most comfortable. With iCarol software you will have the tools to walk with survivors on their path of healing.

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How We Help

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Contact and Client Management

Keeping records and documentation of your interactions with consumers is the key to good customer service as well as accurate data and reporting.

With iCarol’s configurable Contact Forms, you can document each interaction and collect consumer data for VOCA, VAWA, and other reports. For clients or repeat user of your services, iCarol Profiles keep demographic and other chosen data consistent with each interaction, and preserve an ongoing record of the client’s needs, referrals made, and more.

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Meet People Where They Are

People need to access your services in the ways that work best for them and their comfort level. Depending on personal preference, convenience, availability, safety, or the need for privacy or anonymity, those communication preferences are going to vary. To help the most people and serve them well, you need to expand your reach to include contemporary and in-demand communication channels like live chat, texting, and self-service options.

With iCarol, you can provide services through Live Chat, 2-way SMS/Texting, accept applications or intakes online.

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Collaborate with Community-Based Organizations

If your service makes warm referrals, transfers, or works closely with other entities and sending volunteers to accompany forensic exams.

With iCarol you can make direct referrals to your partner agencies or create workflows for dispatching services. You can also create waitlists or queues and maintain service provider capacity information, with all involved parties updating progress and outcomes along the way.

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Protect Privacy and Confidentiality

Survivors trust you with highly private and sensitive information about themselves and their experiences with violence or abuse, and we understand your ethical and legal obligations to them. It’s extremely important that this information be kept secure, protected, and only accessible by people with the proper authorization.

iCarol provides best-in-class security with the ability to configure data retention rules that align with your policies.

Hear From Your Peers

““iCarol has been the best thing to happen to us to increase our efficiency and productivity at the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline. We love our database and all that it can do for us and for our callers. Thank you, iCarol!””

– Gwyn K., Director

“Ask anyone here in our office and you will know I can talk all day about how incredible iCarol is.”

– Kevin W., Program Director

We look forward to learning how we can help your organization thrive and grow!