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Mother and father hold young child at left while social worker reviews application at right Mother and father hold young child at left while social worker reviews application at right

Care Coordination

Mother and father hold young child at left while social worker reviews application at right Mother and father hold young child at left while social worker reviews application at right

Care Coordination

Navigating complex systems of care is overwhelming, especially for families and individuals facing a new or change in diagnosis, or when exploring options for treatment or resources in any special circumstances. Having an individual, or team of people, communicating and coordinating care plans relieves stress and offers clarity. This is why many community organizations take on a role of care coordination for people in need.

Care coordination takes many forms and spans many different situations and diagnoses. The solutions available from iCarol assist care coordinators with tracking progress, connection with resources, communication among agencies, and much more.

Our customers use multiple tools available within iCarol to coordinate care themselves, or participate in continuums of care along with partners and community-based organizations. One such organization is 2-1-1 Maryland. Their Care Coordination Program assists hospital patients discharged following mental health-related visits to the emergency department.

2-1-1 Maryland uses iCarol throughout the process of helping dispatched patients who could benefit from ongoing care coordination and connection to resources for long-term resilience.

With iCarol You Can:

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Complete Initial Intake and Documentation

iCarol provides the tools you need to invite consumers into your program and document the information needed to serve them and report to funders, stakeholders, and the community.
  • Flexibile and configurable forms
  • Edit form design and add/remove fields as needed
  • Set required fields, conditional logic, drop-down, checkbox, matrix, and free text with or without data validation through regular expressions
  • Structured data fields (drop-down, checkbox, etc.) used as filters for reporting

Enable Self-Service and Non-voice Communication Channels

Self-service options are in high demand among consumers, and can divert non-emergent requests to other channels. In the case of care coordination, referred consumers or their caregivers can submit information at their convenience online.

  • Provide screening and eligibility, intake, enrollment, satisfaction surveys, and more using Public Web Forms
  • Invite consumers to begin their care coordination journey by sending your organization an SMS/Text message or through Live Chat
  • Consumers may submit documentation (such as consent forms, proof of residence, etc.) online
  • Notify program staff when online intakes are submitted
  • Assign incoming referrals to a dashboard for triage and further assignment and actioning


Following up with consumers is the key to collecting outcome information, assuring safety, meeting quality assurance targets, and more. Continuous communication with a consumer is also a key component to agencies who are providing services and coordinating care for the consumer.

With iCarol you can schedule one or more follow-up interactions to occur with a client, and even set these follow-ups to occur automatically by SMS/Text or email. Ensure quality care and help your service meet targets and requirements related to follow-up care.

Search For and Find Appropriate Services

Using your iCarol resource database or service inventory, connect consumers or caregivers with one or more community services that may assist them. Make warm hand offs and more directly engage with those referred services to ensure your client receives the referred service.

Send Referrals and Communicate with Providers

Enroll consumers in a specific program or service, either within your agency or with an external partner agency.

With iCarol you can:

  • Security transmit referral or intake information to a program
  • Invite providers a secure portal through which to directly access intake or referral information
  • Conduct 2-way communication with providers through the secure portal
  • Exchange data between software programs using API and other secure methods

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