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Dispatch Crisis Intervention Teams

Communities everywhere are reimagining public safety and determining how to improve outcomes for individuals experiencing acute mental health crisis. Research shows a key factor for success is providing specialized response through Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT). Crisis centers and suicide prevention services are uniquely positioned to be an integral part of the response plan. iCarol has the tools to help you send the right first responders to those in need.

Be Your Community’s Access Point

  • Invite contacts by phone, chat, SMS/text message, or self-service web forms
  • Conduct safety and risk assessment or eligibility screening to determine the best course of action

Once a plan is in place, crisis center workers can take any appropriate next steps including:

  • Continue with helpline listening support
  • Refer to community programs
  • Dispatch CIT
  • Coordinate care with emergency departments

Dispatch Services to People in Need

Once initial intake/assessment process is complete, the information can be securely shared or transmitted to the Crisis Intervention Team using one of many options, including:

  • Assign follow-up activities
  • Securely email intake forms
  • Export data to partner’s FTP
  • Send intake to an iCarol dashboard and allow partners secure access in order to respond
  • Mirror data to CIT’s technology provider
  • Transmit data to other software or technology via API

Participate in the Continuum of Care

Continue serving those in need and coordinating care between multiple agencies by:
  • Scheduling and providing one or multiple follow-ups with clients
  • Follow-up by phone or SMS/text conversation
  • Engage in ongoing follow-up communication with patients discharged from the emergency department (ED) or inpatient hospitalization
  • Invite service providers to send progress reports or outcome data back to your system

Ready to Get Started?

What Can I Do With iCarol?
  • Invite contacts by Phone, Live Chat, or SMS/ Texting
  • Conduct safety and risk assessments
  • Build and curate a community service inventory for client referral
  • Refer help-seekers to internal or external resources
  • Send intake or other data to Crisis Intervention Teams, Emergency Departments, Crisis Stabilization Units, or others in several secure formats
  • Run reports for funders/stakeholders
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