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Dispatch Mobile Crisis Services

There is a growing need in communities for people to receive services where they are located. Connect help seekers in immediate need to local mobile crisis service providers, where—and when—they need them. iCarol has the tools to help you get responders to those in need.access point

Be your community’s access point

Use customizable forms with eligibility screening to offer intake services for help seekers in crisis, concerned third parties or service providers, to request mobile crisis response. Partners can also initiate intake by completing a secure, private web-based survey that submits directly into your iCarol system and notifies key personnel that an intake has been submitted.

smartphone with finger pointing to check mark on screenProvide self-service options

Enable the public to self-serve with fillable intake forms on your website, encouraging people in need to provide their information directly without engaging with one of your volunteers or staff. Embed screening, eligibility, and risk measurement questions to ensure quality of service and improve crisis response. Key staff can be notified when an intake form arrives in iCarol so they can take appropriate action.

Dispatch services to people in need

Once an intake and pre-screening is complete, the information can be securely shared or transmitted to the Mobile Crisis Team. laptop broadcasting a signal with iCarol icon on screen

    Teams using iCarol Technology
  • Dispatch by assigning follow-up activities
  • Track that the dispatch was picked up
  • Allow teams to document interaction details from their mobile device
    Teams using non-iCarol technology
  • Dispatch by securely emailing intake forms
  • Automatically dispatch secure intake forms to non-iCarol technology
  • Allow teams to document interaction details in their own software

Mobile Crisis Services can include:
  • Mental health crisis
  • Advocacy and support for victims of crime
  • Survivors of Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence advocacy and support
  • Missing persons reports
  • Extreme weather transportation
  • Health Navigators to emergency departments
  • And more

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