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Ensure Continuity of Care

document contacts with clientsFollow-up care is often fragmented and can vary greatly from community to community, with a lack of coordination between service providers. iCarol users have a unique opportunity to divert non-emergency cases and reduce risk by offering care coordination with service providers to close dangerous gaps and improve outcomes.

Document contacts with clients or patients

  • Customize your forms to collect only the information you need
  • Attach intake documentation, screenings or assessments
  • Schedule follow-up activities to guide help seekers through accessing needed services
  • Use Profiles to track interactions and document progress

handshakeShare intake information with partners

Complete intake forms and share information with partners providing services in your community that meet the needs of your help seekers. Data can be securely transmitted through encrypted email or automatically dispatched to your partner’s technology. When your partners also use iCarol technology, additional follow-up features are available.

Follow-up to ensure safety and quality

  • Schedule multiple follow-ups for planned check-ins
  • Use automated scheduled follow-ups to reassure, check-in and offer additional supports
  • Follow-up to complete quality surveys to evaluate services provided
  • Perform follow-ups through phone calls, SMS/Text, email, in-person, and more

handshakeMeasure satisfaction and outcomes

Follow-up affords the opportunity to gauge the impact your organization has on ensuring that services are accessed through tracking outcomes, providing additional assistance, and gathering feedback—all of which are critical to measuring the impact services had on the help seeker’s quality of life and reporting outcomes to stakeholders.

What can I do with iCarol?
  • Schedule multiple follow-ups for discharged patients
  • Offer reassurance programs to homebound individuals
  • Make warm transfers to other agencies
  • Dispatch mobile crisis services
  • Determine eligibility and complete intake for disaster response and recovery
  • Provide after-hours intake for Employee Assistance Programs

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