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Offer Centralized Intake

self-service options web formsUsing technology to be your community’s primary access point for a multitude of services means more people are served and outcomes are better. Whether it’s being the front door or adopting “no wrong door,” iCarol has you covered.

Provide self-service options

Streamline processes, increase efficiency, and save staff time by allowing help seekers to request and access services online. Offer forms on your website used for intake, service requests, satisfaction surveys, self-assessments or risk screenings, and more. Notify key staff when requests arrive in your iCarol system for quick service delivery, and run reports to show your impact.

handshakeShare interaction data with partners, funders, and parent agencies

Take the information you collect during client interactions and securely send it to partners and third parties for near real-time sharing. Perfect for agreements where you must push captured data to agencies whose clients you’ve been contracted to serve.

Pre-qualify eligibility

Streamline processes and ensure clients receive the type of care needed. Assessment forms enable you to ask questions that assist your specialists in deciding the required level of care and necessary next steps for a client. Document interactions and include conditional questions that appear only when triggered by answering a qualifying question in a specific way. This can include scripting text that pops out to instruct your specialists on how to proceed. Save staff time on interactions and documentation and help people in need more quickly and efficiently, while reducing stress and cutting through confusion.

secure emailSecurely email intake forms to partners

Provide no wrong door services for your community. Completed intakes and other documented interactions can be encrypted and securely emailed to your community partners letting them know that you are sending someone to them who is in need of their assistance.

What can I do with iCarol?
  • Pre-screen eligibility for free tax programs
  • Securely transmit intake forms to EHR systems
  • Automatically share intake data with county/state emergency services
  • Contribute data to 2-1-1 Counts
  • Email intake forms to food pantries, homeless shelters, and other community partners

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