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Standard iCarol Subscription

The following are included in a standard iCarol subscription:

Contact Documentation

Document your interactions with clients using our customizable Contact Forms. Collect all the data you need to serve your clients, keep records, and run statistical reports.

Some common examples of form usage by our clients are:

    contact management
  • Logging calls or in person interactions
  • Intake Forms
  • Safety or Risk Assessments
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • and more!

Read More about Contact Documentation


Document your interactions anonymously, or use Profiles. Profiles allow you to store important information that helps you provide quality service to repeat contacts to your programs, while also saving time in tracking important data about your interactions with them.

  • Create and maintain Profiles for contacts and others who use your services on an ongoing basis
  • Store biographical, historical, demographic and other statistical information
  • Set alerts, guidance, and instructions for handling interactions with repeat users of your program
  • Search for and select Profiles when logging a new interaction
  • Populate historical and demographic information into new Contact Forms when a Profile is selected
  • Alert volunteers or staff of current restrictions, challenges, safety concerns, or instructions regarding the client
Read More about Profiles

Outbound Contacts

Make regularly scheduled calls or other outreach to enrolled clients. Commonly used for programs such as:

  • Calls to homebound people enrolled in telephone reassurance programs
  • Medication reminder contacts
  • Ongoing outreach to people who have expressed suicide ideation
  • Daily support calls to people with disabilities, severe illnesses, or those who are socially isolated to provide follow-up and empathetic contact
  • Safety checks
  • Ongoing support for those enrolled in follow-up programs
Read More about Outbound Contacts

Resource Management

Build and curate a service inventory or resource database of referrals and service provider information to refer your contacts to. Using iCarol you can:

    resource database service inventory
  • Curate lists of:
    • Food pantries
    • Government organizations
    • Child Care referrals and resources
    • Aging and Disability resources
    • And more…
  • Provide reliable, accurate referral or resource information to people in need, integrate the search with your contact documentation, and keep records of referrals made for reporting purposes
  • Grant access to selected staff members to aid in maintenance of the service inventory
  • Integrate the resource search into your Contact Forms, allowing volunteers or staff to search for appropriate referrals for people in need who reach your service.
  • Assign referrals to the Contact Record, tracking resources given and capturing the information for statistical reporting
  • Edit the database at any time to stay up-to-date with service provider changes, ensuring that clients can count on you for accurate and reliable information
  • Import your existing service inventory using our free template*

* There are numerous advanced capabilities available as add on features to your iCarol core system, including the ability to share your searchable database on your website, grant partners access to your database, time-saving resource updating, and more. Please see below for details on additional features.

Read More about Managing Resources and Service Inventories

Shift Scheduling

Set up a custom, online shift schedule for your staff or volunteers.

    shift scheduling
  • Create one-time and ongoing shifts for your volunteers or staff to view online
  • Assign workers to shifts, or grant access for them to sign up directly
  • Request coverage and enable substitution capabilities for easy shift swapping among your volunteers or staff
  • Receive automated email or SMS shift reminders, helping your busy volunteers or staff remember and hold to their shift commitments
  • Track hours for reporting, record keeping, or payroll purposes
Read More about Shift Scheduling

Events Calendar

Set up, organize, and track your organization’s events, training and outreach work.


Your Chatboard is a forum space to communicate internally between volunteers, staff, managers, and board members. With the Chatboard you can:

  • Post messages to be read and reviewed by your volunteers or staff
  • Organize information into forums
  • Restrict or segment access to topics based on role, if needed
  • Receive feedback internally for your services to improve
  • Encourage group discussion among your volunteers and staff
  • Foster team cohesion
  • Build a teamwork atmosphere
  • Connect volunteers and staff with others in your organization that they may not interact with on shifts


Post announcements, news alerts, or include any attachments (like training manuals), that need to be accessible to your iCarol users.

Volunteer and Staff Management

Your dedicated people, whether they are volunteers or paid staff, are an essential part of carrying out your mission. You can keep their information organized and easily accessible in iCarol, with additional tools that boost program efficiency, quality, and security.

    volunteers and staff
  • Set up detailed profiles for your Volunteers or Staff
  • Use profiles to store their contact information, emergency contacts, background information, and more
  • Track each worker’s Skills and Achievements, trainings attended, certifications earned, and set reminders for when they’re due for renewal or recertification
  • Enable Volunteer and Staff permissions — Set an overall security setting that aligns with their role at your organization, then explore dozens of more granular settings that control what they can see, do, and access in your iCarol system
Read More about Volunteer and Staff Management

Internal Chat

While signed in to iCarol, volunteers and staff can use your iCarol system to silently and securely chat with one another.

  • Encourage and enable silent communication in a call center setting
  • Limit distracting background noise
  • Reach a supervisor or other staff member, silently, when in need of guidance or assistance on an interaction, and avoid placing callers on hold
  • Communicate with your volunteers or staff when you are off-site
  • Maintain contact and supervision with staff working second and third shifts, weekends, or those who work remotely


The information you put into iCarol is pulled back out with colorful, instantly available reports, ready to go on demand and designed for the needs of the work you do. Statistics

  • Run dozens of different ready-to-go charts and graphs
  • Copy and paste charts and graphs into emails, reports, or grant applications
  • Export chart and graph information to Excel for further manipulation or to create your own custom charts and graphs
  • Filter information by client location, time period, Contact Record type, or Volunteer/Staff member handling the inquiry
  • Drill into pie charts to see more granular data
  • Filter reports using the information you collect on your Contact Records
  • Export full data tables of your Contact Record, Shift, Volunteer and Staff, Resource, and other information for offline use. These tables can be used to keep copies on your local machines, or for advanced analysis, pivot tables, or queries in exterior programs like Microsoft Access or Excel.
Read More about Statistics and Reporting

Setup and Support

Setup costs for a standard iCarol system include Standard Implementation during your initial implementation period. All customers enjoy Standard Support to help you in your ongoing use of iCarol.

*A Premier Support option is available as well, please contact us for more information!

Optional Upgrades

We offer numerous optional upgrades to your subscription such as Live Chat/Texting, advanced Resource Management features, and more. Click here for details.

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