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iCarol to attend the International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice

From Wednesday, October 24 through Saturday, October 27, our Solutions Expert Team Lead, Eliisa Laitila, will attend the International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice in Reno, Nevada. This conference is in association with the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

What is “Forensic Nursing” and what sets this field apart from nurses working in other areas? According to the International Association of Forensic Nurses:

    “A forensic nurse is a Registered or Advanced Practice nurse who has received specific education and training. Forensic nurses provide specialized care for patients who are experiencing acute and long-term health consequences associated with victimization or violence, and/or have unmet evidentiary needs relative to having been victimized or accused of victimization. In addition, forensic nurses provide consultation and testimony for civil and criminal proceedings relative to nursing practice, care given, and opinions rendered regarding findings. Forensic nursing care is not separate and distinct from other forms of medical care, but rather integrated into the overall care needs of individual patients.”

Forensic nurses practice in many industries that iCarol serves and they regularly engage with patients who have suffered sexual violence, intimate partner or domestic violence, abuse (from children to the aging/elderly), and those who have been victims of a crime. This field of nursing demands a great deal of skill on many fronts. Forensic nurses must not only assess and meet the medical needs of their patient, but they are also tasked with restoring the individual’s feeling of safety and are often one of the first professionals to help that individual through a traumatic event. Their delicate handling of sensitive situations plays a large role in patient recovery.

The conference sessions will fall into a variety of tracks including Intimate Partner Violence, SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner), Pediatrics, and Psychiatry and Corrections. We’re excited to be attending this conference for the first time and eager to have Eliisa share learned knowledge with our team so we can directly apply it to our work with the organizations that employ or frequently interact with forensic nurses.

“I am excited to learn more about this side of the support model that many of our clients work directly in, or coordinate with nurses to do. It will be interesting to hear more from the forensic nurse perspective, as well as overall leading thoughts on how to best support survivors, and how to overcome challenges when doing so.” — Eliisa Laitila, iCarol Solutions Expert Team Lead

To learn more about Forensic Nursing, specifically those who conduct SANE exams, check out the video below created by the International Association of Forensic Nurses.

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AIRS Presents: Financial Protection for Older Americans

On Thursday January 21st at 2pm EST, the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) will present a webinar covering the various financial concerns and challenges faced by America’s aging population, and the resources available to help.

Below is the description of this webinar as published by AIRS:

    The Office for Older Americans is a special division within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) devoted to the financial education and protection of Americans aged 62 and older. This hour-long AIRS webinar will describe the many ways in which education and support is provided to older consumers and family caregivers, including CFPB’s unique consumer response system, which allows consumers to make individual complaints about a range of products and services.

    Attendees will learn how to submit complaints about mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, bank accounts, payday loans, debt collection, credit reporting, and other products. Attendees will also learn about trends in complaints submitted by older Americans and how the CFPB’s complaint process helps inform the Bureau’s work.

    The webinar will be presented by the CFRB’s Jenefer Duane and Tami Lucero. Jenefer is a Senior Program Analyst and prior to joining the CFPB, was the Founder and CEO of the non-profit Elder Financial Protection Network (EFPN) in San Francisco. Tami serves as Outreach Coordinator and previously directed the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership, and also worked at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office for nearly 20 years in their Victim Assistance Program, Major Violator Unit, and Public Assistance Fraud Division.

AIRS notes that attendance at this webinar can be used as part of the professional development hours when applying for AIRS re-certification.

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While this webinar is free and open to the public, there are many benefits and exclusive content to be gained from AIRS membership. Click here for more information.

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