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iCarol to present at Child Helpline International’s Seventh International Consultation

We’re thrilled to have been invited by Child Helpline International to present at their upcoming global conference in London at the end of this month. Our founder, Neil McKechnie, will be discussing how professionals at centers manage and harness the power of helpline data and he’ll emphasize how folks analyze that data to better help children.

With iCarol’s integrated helpline software, users worldwide will log more than 5 million interactions this year alone through phone, live chat, and text messaging channels. This data, collected by over 45,000 users worldwide, is empowering individual organizations and collaborative groups to spot critical trends, improve their services and prove their value to their communities and funders. So in this presentation, we’re looking forward to highlighting how organizations; large and small, standalone or collaborative have used actionable, real-time data to create a safety net of concern to better help children.

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