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New Caller Profile Tools

You may have noticed some new tabs and tools recently added to your Repeat Caller Profiles. Here’s a look at what they can do.


The Referrals tab shows the most recent referrals from your resource database that were attached to Call Report forms filled out for this caller. They’re listed with the most recent referrals at the top, and older referrals further down the list. Clicking on the Date will take you directly to the finished Call Report where this referral was attached. Clicking on the name of the referral will take you directly to that resource record.

referrals resources caller client tracking

This is a quick way to see what referrals have recently been suggested to your caller, so you can ask them if those referrals have been helpful, or prompt discussions about progress in their situation or treatment plans.


The Follow-ups tab shows approximately 50 of the most recent Follow-up Activities scheduled on Call Reports filled out for the caller. The view here shows the Date on which the Follow-up is due, Status, and Subject line for a quick summary. Like the Referrals tab, each Date is a clickable link that will take you directly to the Call Report form where this Follow-up Activity was assigned.

follow-up with client

This can be useful in a number of ways, because even repeat callers can benefit from follow-up calls. Some experts have suggested that receiving a call directly from the helpline during times of high stress or crisis can help repetitive users of the service better respect boundaries or comply with call limits. This list provides a quick way to see how many activities are set up for this caller, the frequency at which they’re being scheduled, and whether they’ve been completed or not.

Public Resource Directory Activity

Each caller profile has a field where an Email can be entered.

caller client email track account website

We can also enable the capability for visitors to your Public Resource Directory (PRD) to create accounts and save lists. (Contact our Support Team if you’d like to have this enabled for your PRD)

If this client were to create an account on your Public Resource Directory using the same email indicated in their profile, information about when their PRD account was created, when they last logged in to your PRD, and their saved Resource records is shared on the Website tab of the profile.

website public directory track account activity search saved resource referral

If you’d like to track this information for any PRD user, our Support Team can set up a process where each new PRD account created will automatically create a Caller Profile in your system. Just ask us to enable this capability for you.

We hope you’ll enjoy using these new features of the Caller Profile. If you encounter any questions, please reach out to the Support Team for help.

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New SMS Option: Send follow-up messages via SMS

Our clients spoke and we listened! Many clients expressed a wish for iCarol to be able to leverage text messaging in new and different ways. Therefore, we added three new ways to use text messaging in iCarol. Last month’s article outlined how to send text notifications and text messages to other users in your iCarol system.

This article will outline how to conduct follow-ups via text message. These new options carry no set-up fee, but you will be charged a monthly fee for the text messages sent, at a rate of $40/1000 messages/month. The new SMS option will first need to be turned on by an Admin in your iCarol system. It can be found by clicking Admin Tools in the left hand menu, and then the “Messaging” tab. Doing so will take you to the page pictured below, where you will want to click the box next to third option to place a check mark there, then click the “Save all settings” button at the top of the screen.

Admin Tools

To conduct a follow-up via SMS, a follow-up must first be scheduled. The call taker will fill out the “schedule a follow-up activity” section on the Finish tab of the call report as he or she usually does. There are a few fields that must be filled out to indicate that this follow-up will be conducted via SMS. They are:

1. Contact method must be set to “SMS/Text Message”

2. Status must be set to “Open – Follow-up needed”

3. A mobile phone number must be typed in the “Mobile phone (for SMS)” field.

Schedule follow-up sms activity

When you are ready to conduct the follow-up, access the list of follow-ups as you usually do by clicking “Follow-up” on the main Calls screen. Click on the call report number of the call report you would like to conduct the follow-up on. Scroll down to the bottom of the call report to see the scheduled follow-up. You will see a new button labeled “Reply via Texting/SMS”.

Reply via SMS

Click this button and you will be taken to a screen where you can type your message.

Send follow-up SMS

Please note the text in red. If you do not using iCarol SMS Messaging, or if your SMS service is currently offline, any response the client may send will result in an “offline” auto-response message. If you do use iCarol SMS Messaging, and you are currently online, any response will appear in the Messaging queue as usual. Unfortunately, this response will not be linked to the original telephone call, so clients may need to consider custom fields on the SMS call report to indicate the SMS call report was in response to a follow-up via SMS.

Please also note that messages longer than 160 characters will be separated into multiple messages.

Once the SMS message has been sent, the follow-up section of the call report will be updated to indicate that an SMS message was sent, and what the content of that message was.

Sent follow-up SMS

A new report has been added to the Statistics page of iCarol to help you track how many SMS messages are being sent from your system. Admins can access this report by clicking Statistics in the left hand menu, then the Messaging menu. This report contains several filters so you can determine from what area of iCarol the SMS messages are being sent. “Follow-up tasks on call reports” is the option to choose if you would like to see how many follow-up SMS messages are being sent.

Follow-up stats

If you have any questions or need any clarification on this functionality, please do not hesitate to send a case to iCarol Support!

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