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Upcoming iCarol Enhancements

We’re working on several enhancements in our labs you should expect to see shortly:

Internal Messaging – Soon, folks with logins will be able to to send short, typed messages to each other. See here for details. Administrators will be able to choose to have this enabled in your system. It’ll be off by default when we launch it, so you can decide when to introduce this new feature to your team. Keep an eye on the Dashboard for details shortly.training-support

Integrated Messaging – Folks who use instant messaging or text messaging will enjoy an improved workflow once we launch enhancements to that feature. We expect it to go into the internal testing phase in late November, and into client testing after that. Please let me know if you’d like to participate in that testing. We recognize this improvement will require plenty of advance notice, details, and training materials before we make this available, and we’ll be sure to provide those. The improved workflow comes directly from requests clients have made — we always appreciate your feedback and are happy to deliver.Keyboard and screen in use

Call Report Editing Tools – We’ve always prided ourselves on our speedy response to making changes to your call report forms, but we’re working on a nifty way to improve upon that. How does an immediate turnaround sound? Yes, soon we’ll introduce a tool that gives Administrators greatly expanded abilities to edit aspects of your call report forms yourselves. That’s in client testing now, and we’re busy preparing training videos and help articles in preparation for an imminent release.

Also thanks to all who joined us for our webinar on October 6, where we talked about these enhancements and a few others we have in store for you, as well as the new processes we have in place to better serve you. Please join us for the next webinar — we’ll announce it on the Dashboard and will send emails out to all Admins.

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Coming soon to iCarol: Internal Messaging

Keyboard and screen in use

Here at iCarol, we sure appreciate the critical nature of your work. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make your workday tasks easier. One of the features in our engineering labs right now is a way for users to communicate with colleagues more easily from within iCarol. This feature will let those with logins send typed messages to each other easily and instantaneously – the conversations will pop up on the bottom of your screen, wherever you are in iCarol.

The sky’s the limit on how you could use this feature. Here’s some ideas:

  • Ask a colleague for help finding just the right resource. Because back-and-forth with your colleague is typed, not verbal, you won’t have to put the caller on hold while you get assistance.
  • While editing a resource, you have a formatting question. Quickly message a supervisor for clarification.
  • You’re training a new call-taker. Coach them through calls by typing suggestions to them.
  • Bad weather is delaying the arrival of one of your call takers, so she’ll be a bit late for her shift. Ask someone currently on shift if they can stay an extra 15 minutes to cover.

Note that your colleagues with whom you’re messaging could be right next to you, across the hall, or miles away.

As you’d expect, we’ll offer settings to let you control how this feature works in your organization. Administrators could decide if and when they’d like to enable it for their team.

The feature is in late-stage development and we expect to move it into our testing labs in a few weeks. We expect a release before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

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