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Using iCarol’s Online Video Tutorials

iCarol is a large piece of software, with many functions. It serves a wide variety of clients, and not all clients will use all the available functionality. Training yourself, as well as your staff and volunteers, on how to use iCarol in the context of your agency can be a large undertaking. We have created a suite of online video tutorials which we hope will assist you with this critical piece of the implementation of iCarol in your agency.

To access the online video tutorials, click Help at the bottom of the left hand menu.

main menu

When the page opens, you will see a list of the available videos, organized into the functional areas of iCarol. These areas are:

Volunteers and Staff
Chatboard, new and events
Shift Calendar
Call Reports
Statistics and Reporting

Each area has several videos, covering the myriad of functions available in that area. In this way, you can watch the video that covers the exact functionality you are wishing to learn about. Please feel free to direct your staff and volunteers to watch these videos are part of their training, or show these videos at your training sessions.

Video tutorials

We strive to keep the videos as up to date as possible, and are adding more as new functionality is added to iCarol. If you still have questions about a function after watching one of the videos, please feel free to submit a question to the iCarol Support Team via the online case management system.

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