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Tell me more about how iCarol handles outbound calls for helplines

We have been getting a lot of interest about outbound or reassurance calls recently, where you can initiate calls to your repeat callers.

iCarol does have a feature that allows you to facilitate the scheduling.   The Outbound call feature is intended for clients for whom you have agreed to call out to on a very regular schedule, normally to check on their safety, remind them to take medication or for ongoing social contact. Other agencies who use this feature in iCarol make dozens or even hundreds of such calls every day, according to each clients schedule (and noted exceptions). So the main Outbound Calls page is intended to show a list of calls to be made on the selected day, and has a quick way to indicate if the call was completed. Look at the tutorial on ‘Outbound Calls’ or read more about it on our website. If you have further questions and would like someone to call you, please advise us.


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