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Tonya attends World Religion Discovery Week

From July 9-15, I attended World Religion Discovery week at the Encounter World Religions Centre at University of Toronto. The program had 48 attendees from all over North America who wanted to learn more about cultural diversity and belief systems. For me, it was about cultural diversity exploration. Their lectures were objective and were complemented by onsite visits to temples, synagogues, gurdwaras, churches, mosques and multi faith centres. The week was a smorgasbord of culture, music, food and kindness. It dispelled fears and myths that have recently been fueled by the media. I feel like I have traveled the world in my own backyard!World Religion Week

My conclusion is that, no matter what our belief system, we are all human and share the same genuine desire for peace, health and community. The week left an impression on my soul to continue to see the good in people and has restored my faith in humanity. Cultural diversity awareness = Priceless.

Learn more about this event at www.worldreligions.ca

Tonya Broomer

Tonya joined the iCarol team in 2015. Her previous experience includes 8 years of 911 emergency dispatch, 2 years as chair of the board of directors for a local crisis line, crisis line volunteer management/training, and front line crisis line call specialist. Currently, as a Client Support and Implementation Specialist, she is part of the support team that addresses/investigates requests for iCarol assistance and she also contributes to the Business Development team. Tonya is passionate about social justice, cultural diversity and learning about human behavior. In her spare time, you will most likely find her walking, reading non-fiction, crocheting or attending community events with friends and family.

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