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Tools to keep your referral database updated

Once you have more than just a few Resources in your referral database (third-party solution providers to whom you may refer your clients) in your iCarol system, there is a risk they may become outdated over time. Ideally your software would provide you with tools to identify outdated information and help you update it. Not surprisingly, iCarol has a number of such tools to let you find resources for example with no coverage area, no category assignments, invalid email addresses, and more. With Automated Verification, iCarol puts the task of keeping resource information current in the hands of the service providers themselves. On a periodic basis you can initiate email requests so that they can review and edit the information you have about them via a secure web page that iCarol hosts. Once they submit the request, you still have time to review and approve the request before it actually gets applied to the database. iCarol has another integrated, complementary tool called Quality Checks. From there you can do much more validation of your resources, like:
  • Missing or invalid email addresses
  • Missing website
  • Missing phone numbers
  • Missing description or hours of operation
  • Missing location information, like address or city
And more. We hope this tool will help you maintain the quality of information in your resource database for the long term.


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