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Training and help line quality control idea

If two people take the exact same call, what is the likelihood that they would write it up the same? The same selection for age range. Presenting issues. Caller’s mood. Outcomes of the call. Are you confident that similarly trained people would code these things the same? Even with the best training programs and documentation, the truth is, it would be difficult to expect a high degree of consistency. But at a recent conference, one of the attendees suggested a training practice that might help get you more consistent “coding” of calls from your people. She suggests that during a training session, everyone in the room should listen to the same call (it could be real or fictitious). Then they all write up a call report, silently, as does the trainer. When they’re done, they all review and discuss their write-ups and compare the selections they made. Inevitably there will be variations. But that presents and opportunity for the training group to discuss why they coded the way they did, debate the pro’s and con’s of those choices, and arrive at a consensus about an approach that is consistent with your agency. In fact, this could be done one or more times in every training session, so that your people get more practice and are taught to be consistent in their call write-ups, with your policies, guidelines and philosophies.


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