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Training Webinar Series: Managing Contact Form Fields and Settings


Your iCarol Contact Forms (also known as Call Report Forms) allow you to collect data and document important information about your interactions with people in need — whether those interactions occur over the phone, in person, or through your iCarol Live Chat or Texting portals. These forms are highly configurable and customizeable, and system Admins have the capability to edit these forms directly in their iCarol systems, without the assistance of the iCarol Support Team.

To help our customers better understand how to manage these forms, the fields being collected, learn about available settings, and how these fields relate to statistics and reporting, we are offering a training webinar series dedicated to these topics!


By the end of this series attendees will be confident in using the tools available to them to manage fields in existing Contact Form versions and can create new versions.


The series will begin on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 and will be held on every Tuesday of the month of November, from 1pm-1:30pm Eastern.


Attendees are strongly encouraged to join each webinar and if watching later, watch them in chronological order, as each subsequent webinar will build on lessons from previous webinars in the series.

Module 1: Tuesday, November 6 at 1pm EDT – Overview of All Contact Form Version Settings Registration Closed

Module 2: Tuesday, November 13 at 1pm EDT – How to Update an Existing Contact Form Version Registration Closed

Module 3: Tuesday, November 20 at 1pm EDT – How to Create a New Contact Form Version Registration Closed

Module 4: Tuesday, November 27 at 1pm EDT – Reporting and Statistics Registration Closed

Who should attend?

Admin level iCarol users.
Note, if you have a user that is not an Admin level user, but you want that user to make changes to the fields in your Contact Form versions, you must promote them to Admin level. There is no separate setting available to give them permission to the Contact Form version editing tools.

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