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Trial our newest feature: Automated Follow-ups

With our latest release of version 3.77, our new Automated Follow-ups Feature is now available! All iCarol subscribers have access to try Automated Follow-ups at no additional cost, for a limited time. Read on to learn more!

What is the Automated Follow-ups Feature?

Once enabled, this tool lets you create templates of configured follow-up activities, then automatically schedules those follow-ups when you submit the Contact Form. If follow-ups are set to occur by Email or SMS/Text, iCarol can send follow-ups automatically on your behalf according to the schedule. You can even link to surveys* or other forms* you want the client to fill out.

*Note you must subscribe to Public Web Forms to make use of the surveys. Sending outbound SMS/Texts may require additional nominals fees, please email us for details!

How will Automated Follow-ups help my organization and the people I serve?

Many of our customers say that they wish they could do more follow-up with clients, but limited staff and time prevent them from having robust follow-up programs. Because the tool allows you to both schedule one or multiple follow-up activities, and in many cases carry out these follow-ups on your behalf through emails and outgoing SMS/Texts, you’ll be better able to:

  • Meet and exceed your satisfaction survey and quality assurance commitments
  • Get more outcome data directly from your clients
  • Have ongoing communication with more clients in more ways
  • Reassure clients with ongoing warm reach outs

Where can I learn more about how to enable and use Automated Follow-ups?

  1. Sign in to iCarol, open the Help Center, and then click here to read our training materials.
  2. Join an upcoming training webinar. Dates and registration information is in the iCarol Help Center.

Tell me more about the free trial!

Automated Follow-ups are available to all iCarol customer organizations starting now through February 28, 2023. Our training webinars and help article share details on how you can enable the feature and set up your templates.
Try it for the next few months to see if this feature is for you. The first 20 organizations to subscribe before the trial ends will pay no setup costs! Please email us for information on subscription costs to use Automated Follow-ups once the trial period ends.

We’re here to support you and help you make the most of the Automated Follow-ups trial period. Please join one of our many scheduled training webinars, read our help articles, or open a ticket with the Support Team to learn more.

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