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Twitter for non-profits

Find out why it is worth spending your time on using Twitter for your non-profit agency. Idealware posted an article that recommends the use of Twitter for non-profits, how they use Twitter and the benefits they get out of it. Highlights from the article about the key benefits: It’s a great way to quickly spread the word about a particular resource to a much wider audience than our own list. For instance, we recently posted about the results of our Social Media Survey. It was widely picked up and retweeted by dozens of people, meaning it went out to all of their personal networks, including prominent sources like Harvard Social Media and the Foundation Center. It’s still circulating on Twitter as I write this, about a week later. It’s hard to track the exact number of click-throughs to actually view the report, but it’s more than 400 people just from Twitter alone.
  • It’s very useful for learning about new resources, and what partners and potential partners are up to – in general, just to monitor what’s happening in the community that we work in
  • It’s useful to reach a more-targeted audience than our email list. In general, those following us on Twitter are more likely to be tech-savvy partner organizations and consultants than those on our email list. This makes it a good place to promote opportunities geared toward these audiences (like licensing options and sponsorship opportunities). In fact, we made contact with a new client through Twitter with whom we did a substantial amount of paid work.
  • All the tools involved are free. It comes down to the time invested. It takes about two-to-three hours a week for us to do the bare minimum of our strategy – keeping somewhat on top of what others are saying, and posting a few times a day. This doesn’t include actually reading the relevant resources that other people have posted. You could easily spend more time.
To read the entire article, click here.


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