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Unique reporting from referral database – Top needs on calls with referrals to counseling providers

 We recently had a client ask for the following information:

  • Identify the number of callers who were referred to counseling services
  • Of those callers, what were their top problems/needs?
  • And what were the top referrals made (to service providers) on those calls, whether those referrals were for counseling or not, that included just the top ten problems/needs listed above?
Pulling any one or two of these items from the database is pretty easy. But to get all three in combination may not have been as obvious using standard reporting tools, or it might have involved running the same report ten different times (once for each of the specified “top ten” problems/needs).  So we assigned one of our developers to the task that afternoon, and by evening he had the results in hand. We then delivered it to the client the next morning. 

We’re also updating our reporting tools so it is more apparent how to run a more complex report like this whenever you like, with even more factors specified like date ranges, demographic characteristics and geographic filtering. iCarol’s reporting tools have tremendous flexibility and we want to make sure they stay current with whatever your evolving reporting needs might be – so keep the requests coming, no matter how unusual they may seem.



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