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Webinars – Internal Chat



Are you an iCarol Admin, and would like to explore a handy method for communication among your volunteers and staff? Or perhaps you’re not an Admin, but would like to exchange instant typed messages with colleagues, right from your iCarol screens? In a fun 25-minute webinar, we’ll explain how you can introduce Internal Chat to your organization, and get the most out if its capabilities. Internal Chat lets colleagues communicate with each other silently and instantly. You could use it for assistance finding resources, working through a difficult call or messaging session, confirming shift preferences, as a component of training, clarifying style points as you edit resources, and more.
  • Admins will learn how iCarol:
    • Enable Internal Chat in your iCarol system.
    • Control who can participate in Internal Chats, via a checkbox in each person’s profile.
  • Everyone will learn how to:
    • See how to add/remove colleagues to/from your “contacts” list, and set some as favorites
    • Create groups of colleagues among your contacts – perhaps resource editors, lunch buddies, supervisors, lethality assessment experts… whatever works for you. Everyone in your organization can have their own unique set of groups
    • See how to tell which colleagues are signed into iCarol, and so would be available for an Internal Chat
    • Start a chat with a colleague, and, if you like, add others to that chat
    • Clear chat history
    • Mute Internal chat activity for when you’d rather focus on something else
    Watch a recording of this webinar
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