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What are Preferred Language Settings in iCarol?

We recently added a new feature to iCarol that allows users to set their preferred language on the Volunteer and Staff member profile. This Preferred Language setting controls how date and currency values are displayed throughout iCarol. Previously this was typically controlled by your web browser language settings, however our new Preferred Language Settings within iCarol allow for more control and consistency while using our application.

There are three primary options including:

    English (US)
  • Date: MM/DD/YYYY (eg. 4/12/2015 = April 12, 2015)
  • Currency: periods (eg. $299.00)
    English (Canada)
  • Date: DD/MM/YYYY (eg. 12/4/2015 = April 12, 2015)
  • Currency: periods (eg. $299.00)
    English (Great Britain)
  • Date: DD/MM/YYYY (eg. 12/4/2015 = April 12, 2015)
  • Currency: commas (eg. £299,00)

For our clients elsewhere in Europe, Asia, and Australia, you are welcome to choose whichever format above aligns best with your business practices.

Volunteers and Staff can change their Preferred Language Setting. The preferred language can be changed directly by the User, or by an Administrator. To make these changes, take the following steps:

    Note: By default all new users are created with English US as their preferred language.

    1. Log into iCarol
    2. Click on “Vols – Staff” from the left menu
    3. Navigate to the User profile to update, click on the users “First Name”
    4. Click on “Edit” on the User Profile
    5. Navigate to the “Profile” tab
    6. Update the “Preferred Language” setting
    7. Click “Save”
volunteer staff profile preferred language setting

Admins can change the system setting for Regional Formatting for Exports. Exported information from iCarol requires a system default for how to format data in exports. Here’s how you set those controls:

    1. Log into iCarol as an Admin
    2. Click on Admin Tools
    3. Click on the Setup tab
    4. Navigate to the Regional Formatting for Exports section
    5. Change your preferred language to receive data exports in
    6. Click “Save all settings”
Admin tools language setting for exports

NOTE: The system setting for Regional Formatting for Exports does not affect the default that users are created in, all new user will default to English US (as it’s the first in the list).

Now you can begin choosing what date and currency formats your users will see when using iCarol, as well as how those formats will appear in Exports. If you have any further questions about this, please contact our support team.

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